Thursday, January 31, 2013

Latest Jazz Internet Packages 2013

Latest Jazz Internet Packages 2013
Jazz (Prepaid) GPRS Charges
Sr. GPRS Bundle Price-
MBs Minutes (Mobilink to Mobilink) SMS (All Networks) Validity Period Time Window To Subscribe, Dial To
1 Jazz GPRS Daily Bundle 9.99 Unlimited N/A N/A 24 Hrs3 N/A *114*1# *114*1*4#
2 Weekly GPRS Bundle 29.99 Unlimited N/A N/A 7 Days N/A *114*7# *114*7*4#
3 Monthly GPRS Bundle 99.99 200 N/A N/A 30 Days N/A *114*30# *114*30*4#
4 Late Night Offer 3.99 Unlimited N/A N/A 24 Hrs3 12:00 a.m. - 08:00 a.m. *114*2# *114*2*4#
5 Hybrid Daily Bundle 10+tax2 10 10 200 24 Hrs3 N/A *114*4#
1. Tax is not applicable on GPRS usage & subscription charges.
2. Jazz Daily GPRS Bundle & Late Night Offer come with auto re-subscription facility, i.e. if you want to continue using the bundle you will not have to re-subscribe through *114*1# or *114*2# every day.
3. 19.5% FED on non-GPRS usage & subscription and 10% withholding tax apply on recharge
4. Fair Usage Policy of 200 MBs applies for Daily and LNO Bundles
5. Fair Usage Policy of 500 MBs applies for weekly Bundles
6. The weekly bundle offer is available till Oct 5, 2012

In addition to Mobile Internet Bundles, subscribers will have the freedom to use internet at Base Rate of Rs. 1.125/64KB = Rs. 18/1MB. Please note that for using Mobile Internet bundles/Base Rate package, subscribers need to have data capable handset with GPRS settings alongwith GPRS provisioned SIM.

How do I Subscribe Mobile Internet bundles?

Daily Jazz GPRS Bundle: Jazz subscribers can subscribe to Daily Jazz GPRS bundle by dialing *114*1#.
GPRS Weekly Bundle: To avail GPRS weekly bundle, Jazz & Jazba subscribers will dial *114*7#.
GPRS Monthly Bundle: Jazz & Jazba subscribers can get GPRS Monthly bundle by dialing *114*30#.
Late Night Offer: Jazz Subscribers can get Late Night Offer by dialing *114*2#.

How do I Un-subscribe & find Bundle Balance?

Strings for Un-subscription, Bundle Balance Inquiry & Bundle Information are given below.

Bundle Type
Balance Inquiry4 Bundle Information Un-subscription
Daily Jazz GPRS Bundle *114*1*2# *114*1*3# *114*1*4#
GPRS Weekly Bundle *114*7*2# *114*7*3# *114*7*4#
GPRS Monthly Bundle *114*30*2# *114*30*3# *114*30*4#
Late Night Offer *114*2*2# *114*2*3# *114*2*4#
GPRS Bundles  Info Menu5 *114#
4. Charges 15 Paisas + tax
5. Charges 15 Paisas + tax

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