Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Manali Trance Lyrics With English Translation

You can see here Manali Trance Lyrics Hindi Urdu With English Translation

Manali Trance Lyrics in Hindi/UIrdu

Badla mijaaz mera phoonkte hi grass
Grass lage hai mohe sabka ilaaj
Thoda to main jhoom loon iske nashe mein
Come on DJ laga de dubstep trance
Oh kaisa lage hai mohe kaise main bataaun
Laage hai sab kuch upside down
Tu bhi kheench do puff
Manali ka hai ye stuff

Aah.. puff, aah.. Stuff
C'mon now, c'mon now
C'mon boy do me down..

Rani ni..
Rani mere saath maal phoonk phoonk le
Thaamoon teri kamar dhuein ke phir ghoont le
Saanson se chadhegi tu kash to laga le yaari
Dum bole dum ka aa mazaa loot le
Chandan ye badan mat kar tu jatan
Humdum mere sang dori main tu patang
Dum-dum bum-bum kheench mere humdum
Dum ka bum kheenchegi to bhoolegi tu saare gham

Manali Trance Lyrics in English 

My mood has changed as soon as I smoked grass,
Grass seems to me the cure for everything..
Let me dance a bit in its intoxication,
Come on DJ, play a dubstep trance

How do I tell you how I feel,
Everything seems to be upside down..
You too take a couple of puffs,
this is stuff from Manali,
ah, puff, ah, stuff..

O queen,
O (my) queen, smoke the stuff with me,
I'll hold your waist, you take puffs of smoke,
Intoxication will come through the breaths, you take a puff dear,
The breath says, enjoy the puff.
Your body is like sandalwood, don't try hard,
Just come with me, I'll be the string and you, the kite,
Take long puffs my beloved,

When you take a puff, you'll forget all the sorrows.


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