Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mummy Song lyrics With English Translation - Kick 2 (2015)

Mummy Song lyrics in Hindi - Kick 2 (2015)

Mummy kadupulo naaku comfort ledhani
Listen to me oh dude
Nenu yedu nelalake bayatiki thannuku vacchaanu
This is my attitude
Nannu Delhi ki raaju ni chesi kireetam pettina
Naa dilloni comfort ki daasoham nene dude
Ehe comfort ye ra naa kicku
Adhi unnode ra yama luck oo
Yevarikivaade comfort unte undadhu ye chikku

Allo neredallo
Naa comfort ke jai bolo
Mere angana mein
Dance veyya ra naatho dude
My name is Robin hood
Nannu gelikithe undadhu food
Comfort tho nindina blood
Naaloni attitude

Pakkodi meedha Neeku thinking ye start aindhante nee
self comfort lona kick dhobbinatte
Needhi nuvve choosukunte lokam perfect
unnatte comfort ye kaadhani velthe kompa muliginatte
Seethamma geetha dhaatithe raamayanam yemaindhi?
Comfort ye kanche dhaatithe karmaayanam start aiddhi
Nee comfort lo nuvvunte pakkodiki problem ledhu dude

Mummy Song lyrics English Translation - Kick 2 (2015)

Dude, I wasn't feeling comfortable in my mother's womb So I've relieved myself by coming out in the 7th month of pregnancy This is my attitude Even if you keep a thrown and make me a King ( Big politician at Delhi) I would still listen to my conscience Being comfortable gives me kick Guy who has that is lucky If everyone are comfortable there would be no problems

Alla neredallo is a type of blackberry found in India and is frequently used in telugu songs, though it doesn't coney any particular meaning. Alas! Great could probably the meaning here. The blackberry Hail my comfort Dance along with me At my place My name is robin hood Mess with me and become food less My attitude's blood is filled with Comfort

If you've started to bother about others, it means your comfort has been disturbed Mind your business and world will be alright Go against your comfort and things will go wrong Just because Seetha has crossed the line, Ramayanam has happened If comfort crossesy our fence, Karma will enter your life to make it a mess Be in your comfort and others won't have any problem

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