Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Essay Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Co-Education

Co-education means educating both sexes, boys and girls together in an institute or in a class. In our country there is co-education in some colleges and schools, but in most colleges and schools there is arrangement for separate education for boys as well as for girls.

Essay on Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Co-Education

Co-education has remained controversial issue in our country. Some people are in favour of this system and want to introduce it in all schools and colleges. They say that this system is very useful. They give many arguments in its favour. Their main argument is that in a poor and backward country like Pakistan it is very difficult to maintain separate institutions for boys and girls. Therefore co-education also says that in progressive society young boys and girls should come closer. Co-education would provide an opportunity to the young boys and girls to understand each other. This would be very helpful for them in future life. It would also be good for the progress of the country. Another argument is that, co-education would raise the standard of education, because it will promote competition among boys and girls.

But certain conservative people criticize the system of co-education. According to them, this system is against our religion and Islamic traditions. They also fear that co-education will develop immoral relations between boys and girls. Their fears are true but some proper arrangements should be made by the government to make it possible to impart education to the girls and boys in separate institutions special attention should be paid to the education for girls at college, and university level. So that no girl should be deprived of the right of acquiring higher education if she likes

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