Monday, May 23, 2016

Essay on Television The Role of Television in Modern Life

Essay on television The role of television in modern life

Television is a first-class source of communication that stops us from converse with each other.
Stick to our seats we watch this one-eyed giant leaving our company in the room, or turning a
hearing-impaired to our mother’s call. Regularly our foodstuff is left uneaten and home works
disengage. Our nap is lost in “Alice Wonderland” or in some mysterious world where “Captain
Planet” catches us on his shoulders. After the Second World War, Baird made it for us so that we
might get facts with happiness. However we have closed our eyes to each and every one kinds of
information and have opened up our hearts to every part of vulgar pleasure.

Prior to the invention of TV we used to have artistic hobbies. We used to think about our friends
and go outside for our enjoyment to cinemas, restaurants, parks and playground. We used to wait
nervously for the morning newspaper and similar to read books in our extra time. However now
these entire thing have turn out to be dead stories of the past.

We make known in the Pakistan that we are living in a globe of science and can work wonders
for us. It is true that science has transformed modern life. TV is a marvel, and what TV
contributes to civilization would have come into sight to be a fairy story for our forefathers.
Since we had television, there are some advantages of TV watching that has uncovered things to
us such as weather prediction, events such as sports, and any other information on the globe.

Eventually, TV is bad for children in the way of unfairness of watching it, and TV lead children
to unhealthy such as mind illness, flattered visualization, and recklessness and so on. In adding
up, TV is a gathering point of marketable programs that frequently turn out and promote risky
activities to source children to destructive behavior and obesity. In my point of view, children's
parents should be foremost directors to assist children to better.

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