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Colleges in Karachi List Location Address Contact No Karachi

List of Colleges in Karachi Location Address Contact No Karachi. Karachi is the largest and most populous city in Pakistan and 7th largest and most populous urban city in the world. It is the capital of Sindh province of Pakistan. It is the main seaport and financial center of Pakistan.
  1. Government Degree Boys College Razzaqabad, Bin Qasim Town
  2. Government Degree Boys College Shams Pir, Kemari Town
  3. Government Degree College for Boys North Karachi, New Karachi Town
  4. Government Degree College Gulistan-e- Johar, Gulshan Town
  5. Government Degree College Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulshan Town
  6. Government Degree College Malir Cantt., Malir Cantonment 
  7. Government Degree College Mango Pir, Karachi, Gadap Town
  8. Government Degree College Murrad Memon Goth, Gadap Town
  9. Government Degree College Quaidabad, Bin Qasim Town
  10. Government Degree College SRE Majeed Stadium Road, Gulshan Town 
  11. Government Degree Commerce College Malir, Malir Town 
  12. Government Degree Science and Commerce College Landhi, Landhi Town 
  13. Government Degree Science and Commerce College, Lyari Town
  14. Government Degree Science and Commerce College, Orangi Town
  15. Government Degree Science College Buffer Zone, North Nazimabad Town
  16. Government Degree Science College Liaquatabad, Liaquatabad Town
  17. Government Degree Science College Malir, Malir Town
  18. Adamjee Government Science College, Jamshed Town 
  19. Dayaram Jethamal Sindh Government Science College (D.J. Science College), Saddar Town 
  20. DHA Degree College for Men, Khayaban-e-Rahat, Defence Housing Authority
  21. Government Aisha Bawani College, Saddar Town 
  22. Government Allama Iqbal College for Boys, Shah Faisal Town 
  23. Government Boys College Konkar Village, Gadap Town
  24. Government Boys College Korangi-2½, Korangi Town
  25. Government Boys College Landhi-4, Landhi Town
  26. Government Boys College Surjani Town, Gadap Town
  27. Government City College Musa Colony, Gulberg Town 
  28. Government College for Boys Asifabad, SITE Town
  29. Government College for Boys Baldia Town, Baldia Town
  30. Government College for Men Nazimabad, Liaquatabad Town 
  31. Government College of Commerce and Economics, Saddar Town 
  32. Government Degree Arts and Commerce College Landhi, Landhi Town 
  33. Government Degree Boys College Gulzar-E-Hijri, Gulshan Town
  34. Government Degree Boys College Jungle Shah, Kemari Town
  35. Government Degree Boys College New Karachi, New Karachi Town
  36. Government Delhi College, Karimabad 
  37. Government Islamia Arts and Commerce College, Jamshed Town 
  38. Government Islamia Science College, Jamshed Town 
  39. Government Jamia Millia Degree College, Shah Faisal Town 
  40. Government Jinnah College, North Nazimabad Town
  41. Government Monotechnic Institute, New Karachi Town
  42. Government Monotechnic Institute, Orangi Town
  43. Government Nabi Bagh College, Saddar Town
  44. Government National College, No. 1. , Gulshan Town 
  45. Government National College, No. 2. , Gulshan Town
  46. Government PECHS Education Foundation Science College, Jamshed Town
  47. Government Polytechnic Institute Lyari Karachi, North Nazimabad
  48. Government Sirajudallah College, Liaquatabad Town 
  49. Government Superior Science College, Shah Faisal Town 
  50. Haji Abdullah Haroon Government College, Lyari Town 
  51. Liaquat Government College Malir, Malir Town 
  52. MDH College for Boys
  53. Pakistan Shipowners' College, North Nazimabad
  54. Pakistan Swedish Institute of Technology Karachi, Quaidabad
  55. Pakistan Siwtzerland Training Center,Karachi (PCSIR)
  56. Premier Government College, North Nazimabad Town 
  57. Quaid-e-Millat Government College, Liaquatabad Town 
  58. S.M. Government Arts and Commerce College, Saddar Town 
  59. S.M. Government Science College, Saddar Town
  60. Zam Zama Grammar School and College, Gizri, Clifton Cantonment
  61. Abdullah Government College for Women, Wahdat Colony
  62. Allama Iqbal Government Girls College, Shah Faisal Town
  63. APWA Government College for Women, Gulberg Town
  64. Arabic Girls College for Islamic Studies, New Karachi Town
  65. City College for Women, Clifton, Saddar Town
  66. DHA Degree College For Women, Defence Housing Authority
  67. Federal Government Girls College, Karachi Cantonment
  68. Government College for Women F.B. Area, Gulberg Town
  69. Government College for Women Korangi-4, Korangi Town
  70. Government College for Women Korangi–6, Korangi Town
  71. Government College for Women Nazimabad, Liaquatabad Town
  72. Government College for Women New Karachi, New Karachi Town
  73. Government College for Women North Karachi, New Karachi Town
  74. Government College for Women Saudabad, Malir Town
  75. Government College for Women Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Saddar Town
  76. Government College of Commerce and Economics, Saddar Town 
  77. Government Degree Girls College Ibrahim Hydri, Korangi Town
  78. Government Degree Girls College Sector 11½, Orangi Town
  79. Government Degree College Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulshan Town
  80. Government Degree College Malir Cantt., Malir Cantonment
  81. Government Degree College Stadium Road, Gulshan Town
  82. Government Degree Girls College Lines Area, Jamshed Town
  83. Government Degree Girls College Metrovile, S.I.T.E. Town
  84. Government Girls College Al-Noor, Gulberg Town
  85. Government Girls College Baldia Town, Baldia Town
  86. Government Girls College Gizri, Saddar Town
  87. Government Girls College Gulistan-e-Johar, Gulshan Town
  88. Government Girls College Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulshan Town
  89. Government Girls College Industrial Area Landhi, Landhi Town
  90. Riaz Government Girls College, Liaquatabad Town
  91. Shaheed-e-Millat Government Degree Girls, Gulshan Town
  92. Sir Syed Government Girls College, Liaquatabad Town
  93. St. Lawrence Government Girls College, Jamshed Town
  94. Government Girls College Korangi, Korangi Town
  95. Government Girls College Landhi 3½, Landhi Town
  96. Government Girls College Liaquatabad, Liaquatabad Town
  97. Government Girls College Lyari, Lyari Town
  98. Government Girls College Mahmudabad, Jamshed Town
  99. Government Girls College North Karachi, New Karachi Town
  100. Government Girls College North Nazimabad, North Nazimabad Town
  101. Government Girls College Orangi Town, Orangi Town
  102. Government Girls College P.I.B. Colony, Gulshan Town
  103. Government Girls Commerce and Arts College Malir, Malir Town
  104. Government Girls Science and Commerce College, North Nazimabad Town
  105. Government Girls Science College, Shah Faisal Town
  106. Government Islamia College for Women, Jamshed Town
  107. Government Karachi College for Women, Saddar Town
  108. Government PECHS College for Women, Jamshed Town
  109. Government SMB Fatima Jinnah Girls College, Saddar Town
  110. Hayat-ul-Islam Girls Degree College, Gulshan Town
  111. H.I. Osmania Government College for Women, Liaquatabad Town
  112. HRH Agha Khan Government Girls College, Gulshan Town
  113. Ideal Institute of Business and Technology
  114. Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government College for Women, Gulshan Town
  115. Khurshid Government College for Women, Shah Faisal Town
  116. Liaquat Government College for Girls Malir, Malir Town 
  117. Metropolis College for Girls, Gulberg Town
  118. Nishter Government Girls College, New Karachi Town
  119. Pakistan Polytechnic Center
  120. Premier Government College for Girls, North Nazimabad Town
  121. Rana Liaquat Ali Khan Government College of Home Economics, Gulshan Town
  122. Raunaq-e-Islam Government College for Women, Lyari Town
  123. Army Public College, Faisal Cantonment
  124. Army Public College, Malir Cantonment
  125. Army Public College, Saddar
  126. Guards Public College, Kiyani Shaheed Road, Saddar
  127. Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Karimabad
  128. Aligarh Institute of Technology, Gulshan Town
  129. Bahria College Karsaz Karachi, Habib Ibrahim Rahmatullah Road, Karsaz
  130. Baqai Medical University
  131. College of Accounting and Management Sciences, Clifton, Saddar Town
  132. Dawood College of Engineering and Technology
  133. Defence Authority Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed College, Khayaban-e-Rahat, Defence Housing Authority
  134. Dehli Science and Commerce College (PVT), Karimabad, Karachi
  135. Dow Medical College
  136. Guards Public College, adjacent to Pakistan Coast Guard headquarters, Kiyani Shaheed Road, Saddar
  137. Hamdard College of Science and Commerce, Madinat-al-Hikmah
  138. Institute of Business Education, PECHS
  139. Karachi Medical and Dental College
  140. Fazaia Degree College, Faisal Cantonment
  141. Fazaia Inter College, Korangi Creek, Korangi Cantonment
  142. Fazaia Inter College, Malir Cantonment
  143. Bahria College Karsaz Karachi (BCKK), Habib Rahmathullah Road
  144. Bahria College, NORE-I
  145. Bahria Foundation College, Dr. Sulaiman Ali Shah Road, North Nazimabad
  146. Bahria Foundation College, Abul Hasan Ispahani Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal
  147. Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry
  148. Meritorious Science College, PECHS
  149. New Century College, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulshan Town
  150. Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
  151. Pakistan Steel Cadet College, Steel Town, Bin Qasim Town
  152. Pak Swiss Training Center,Karachi (PCSIR)
  153. St. Joseph's College (Pakistan)
  154. Sindh Medical College
  155. Sindh Muslim Law College, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road
  156. St. Patrick's Science College, Saddar Town
  157. Crescent Bahria Cadet College, Gulistan e Jauhar Block 8
  158. Crescent Bahria Cadet College, Gulshan e Rafi, Malir City
  159. Federal Government College, Daud Pota Road, Karachi Cantonment
  160. Federal Government Inter Girls College, Askari Road, Karachi Cantonment

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  1. Government College of Commerce & Economics is one of the premier institutions of commerce education in the city of Karachi. It is located on Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, opposite Bagh-e-Jinnah (Polo Ground) and Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi.
    The college was established on 22 June 1945 under the name of Besantsing Ajumal Advani college of Commerce and Economics, and was inaugurated by Mr. Rao Bahadur Seth Shivrattan G. Mohatta. The college was taken under the supervision of the Government of Sindh in 1948 after the establishment of Pakistan. The current building of the college was constructed in 1967.
    Karachi Colleges